Correct seating position.

Keeping Your Back Safe at Work

Sitting still for a long time, performing repetitive tasks and lifting heavy objects can all be really bad for the back. If you do any of these tasks as part of your job, you could be at risk of developing back pain. It is a good idea to take steps to minimise risks before you [...]

Back massage.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Back Pain

Back pain can last for weeks or months. Chronic back pain can severely impact on the sufferer’s quality of life, and it may leave them unable to partake in even basic activities. If you have back pain you should speak to a medical professional to develop a treatment plan. Correct treatment can reduce pain and [...]

Medical research.

Research into the Relief of Back Pain

Chronic back pain was thought to be a by-product of stress and mostly a mental more than physical issue up until a few years ago. Just over a decade ago research proved that chronic back pain was not due to hypochondria, depression or anxiety but actually a disease in its own right. Fortunately, there has [...]

Back exercise.

Stretches for Back Pain

Lower back pain can often be treated without the need for medication or surgery. If you are suffering from lower back pain you should speak to your doctor or physiotherapist about the types of exercise that might help you to treat your condition. The following exercises can all help to ease lower back pain and [...]

Man with backache.

Living with back pain

Back pain can happen to anyone and most people will experience some form of back pain during their lives. Being in tip-top shape is certainly a good thing, but this alone will not exclude you from experiencing back pain due to an injury, bad posture or any number of possible reasons. Your back ache may [...]

Coping with back pain.

Coping With Back Pain On A Daily Basis

Back pain is very common and most people experience some form of back pain in their lives. Back pain can be short lived or endure for long periods of time, and even be unrelenting for a lifetime. The pain experienced can also differ from mild to moderate to extremely severe. Back pain can affect your [...]

Bad lifting posture.

Help Yourself To Avoid Back Pain

Back pain is a very common injury as the population becomes more sedentary at work and even at home. There are precautions you can take to help reduce the chance of a back strain or mild injury in your day to day activities. Using your back correctly to avoid mechanical back pain Bending, carrying and [...]

Mechanical back pain.

Mechanical Back Pain

Mechanical back pain is a type of back pain which comes from abnormal stress on the muscles surrounding the spinal column. It is often felt as a throbbing or aching feeling which gets worse when moving but appears to improve when resting. Mechanical back pain can result from a number of causes. The pain is [...]



Whiplash is the name given to a type of neck and spinal injury which is been caused by a sudden movement of the head in a backwards, forwards or sideways direction. This movement causes the muscles, tendons and soft tissue in the neck to bend and stretch in an unnatural way. Because the neck is [...]


What causes Spinal Muscular Atrophy?

A genetic defect in the SMN1 gene is the main cause of this rare spinal disorder. This gene encodes the protein SMN, without which the motor neurons cannot thrive. A deficiency of this critical protein caused by this genetic flaw results in the loss of motor neurons. The muscles weaken and slowly but surely waste [...]